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Habitat Energy exists to maximise the potential of renewable energy, drive investment in the energy transition, and accelerate a low carbon world.

By fusing artificial intelligence with human know-how, we help you to maximize your revenue by delivering energy to the right marketplace, at the right time, all the time.

Our teams of smart data scientists and savvy commercial experts are here to put their deep knowledge in algorithmic trading, batteries, renewable energy and electricity markets at your disposal.


When you talk to Habitat Energy, you’re talking to recognised leaders in the field of revenue optimization for battery storage and renewable energy assets. You can be confident you’re getting the most informed and up to date advice. And you can be certain that, whatever your aspirations, we’ll be able to advise you on the best routes to take.

The Team

Our global team of energy, commercial and technical experts have one aim: to help you maximize your revenue.

Andrew helped to start and lead a software and data company serving the US health-care industry. Before that he was a Principle at BCG advising in distributed energy business models and acquisitions in the UK and US. He has a Masters in Aerospace Engineering from MIT and a PhD in Physics from Oxford University.

Dr Andrew Luers

Co-founder, CEO

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Phil previously served as the Head of Commercial at Calon Energy, optimising a 2GW thermal portfolio. Before that he was Head of Energy Market & Credit Risk at EDF Energy and Portfolio Analysis at EON. He has Economics degrees from Manchester (MSc) and Nottingham (BSc).

Phil Robinson

Co-founder, Director

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Ben has deep experience in the economics and investment case for battery storage and flexible assets. He previously founded the consulting arm of Aurora Energy Research where he advised battery developers and investors on forecasting and strategy and developed the flexible and distributed energy service line. Ben has also held roles as a director at Centrica Energy, and energy consultant at McKinsey in London. He has a PhD in Economics from Oxford University.

Dr Ben Irons

Co-founder, Director

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Jon joined Habitat Energy to lead our UK office in December 2021. Jon was previously Head of Trading at EP UK Investments, optimising a portfolio containing 3 GW of gas fired generation and 400 MW renewable biomass. Before that he was Director of Commercial for Calon Energy. Prior to working in the Independent Power Producer sector, Jon spent over two decades with EON/Powergen holding a number of senior leadership roles across their UK and European trading and asset optimisation activities.
He has a degree in Economics from Sheffield University and a Masters degree from Exeter University.

Jon Doughty

Managing Director, UK

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Greg joined Habitat Energy to launch our Australian and New Zealand office in January 2020. Greg was previously and Executive General Manager of ENGIE Australia overseeing strategy development, mergers and acquisitions, business development and trading activities. Prior to his work in Australia, he spent nearly six years in the United Kingdom as Energy Trading Manager of ENGIE portfolio. He has an MBA from Melbourne University.

Greg Billman

Managing Director, Australia

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Grace leads Habitat’s finance function. She began her career in infrastructure & utilities M&A before leaving to work for a smaller company in the renewable energy industry. Grace was previously Finance Director at Green Hedge Energy, a battery storage developer. She has a first in Geography from the University of Oxford (MA).

Grace Toms

Finance Director

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Lois is responsible for helping the Habitat team to thrive, overseeing our team, culture and business operations. Lois started her career in management consulting, before moving back to Oxford to work with start-ups in energy and fintech. She has a BA from Warwick University.

Lois Stamps

Director of People and Business Operations

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Mike has 20+ years of commercial experience in all ISOs across the US. His most recent experience as VP of Markets and Analytics at Vistra required the development of advanced commercial systems and processes to optimize Vistra’s growing portfolio of physical and virtual storage assets. He holds an MS in electrical engineering from Georgia Tech and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at NWU.

Michael Kirschner

Managing Director, USA

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Eleonora oversees our trading operations. She brings deep knowledge of the UK day-ahead and intraday markets, as well as the balancing mechanism, gained from 3 years as a power trader in Neas Energy. Eleonora studied engineering at the University of Padova, Italy, and has a masters from Aalborg University, Denmark.

Eleonora Pilla

Operations Director

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Richard Gormley


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The foundation of how we work is built upon our core values. They inform our business decisions from recruiting, developing our team, setting priorities and how we interact with each other and our clients and partners.

Work with us

It’s been great to be with Habitat since the early days. The growth has been impressive and the best feature is still the quality of the people working here; highly competent, motivated and positive.
Habitat is a company that challenges you, forcing you to learn new skills and to think out of the box, and that provides great satisfaction by achieving ambitious goals and rewarding your hard work.

Ellie Pilla

Head of Trading Development


Work with us

Working at Habitat is fast-paced and exciting; there are always new things to learn and new problems to solve. But more importantly, warm and friendly people to solve them with!

Chloe Ho

Front End Developer


Work with us

Habitat is a collection of amazingly smart and enthusiastic individuals that makes it a vibrant place to work and solve purposeful challenges.

Thomas Boiveau

Data Scientist


We’re growing fast and expanding globally.

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