Our job, pure and simple, is to help you to get the best possible return on your investment, whether that’s a single battery or a whole fleet of them across multiple locations – either standalone or linked to a renewable energy source.

We’re pretty good at it, too. In fact, according to LCPEnact, we regularly hold the top spot for maximising revenue.

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Follow the money. We use a potent blend of data science and expert trading experience to identify and participate in the most profitable markets for your battery assets. We can also extend the operational life of your battery assets so that they continue to provide returns on your investment for longer.

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Renewables and

                  co-located storage

Yes, there are algorithms involved. But we do a lot more than hand your business over to our, admittedly, incredibly clever machines. We use a unique blend of artificial intelligence and human know-how – which we call Managed AI – to make your assets work a great deal harder than you might expect.

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And Risk


Using our proprietary modelling tools, we’ll help you to analyze your proposed or existing investment so that you can make informed decisions to maximize your returns. We can also help with hedging your investment and designing lucrative Power Purchase Agreements.

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                      And Advice

Our skilled and experienced team are able to use our advanced models and data to provide meaningful and unique analysis. Nobody does AI-inspired commercial asset optimization and trading, better than us. And we’re more than happy to share our insight and advice with you, whether you’re just beginning to think about your investment or you’re an established player. Talk to us about optimal project design, your commercial strategy and more.

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