Meet The Whole Team

Andrew helped to start and lead a software and data company serving the US health-care industry. Before that he was a Principle at BCG advising in distributed energy business models and acquisitions in the UK and US. He has a Masters in Aerospace Engineering from MIT and a PhD in Physics from Oxford University.

Dr Andrew Luers

Co-founder, CEO

Phil previously served as the Head of Commercial at Calon Energy, optimising a 2GW thermal portfolio. Before that he was Head of Energy Market & Credit Risk at EDF Energy and Portfolio Analysis at EON. He has Economics degrees from Manchester (MSc) and Nottingham (BSc).

Phil Robinson

Co-founder, Director

Ben has deep experience in the economics and investment case for battery storage and flexible assets. He previously founded the consulting arm of Aurora Energy Research where he advised battery developers and investors on forecasting and strategy and developed the flexible and distributed energy service line. Ben has also held roles as a director at Centrica Energy, and energy consultant at McKinsey in London. He has a PhD in Economics from Oxford University.

Dr Ben Irons

Co-founder, Director

Richard Gormley


Jon joined Habitat Energy to lead our UK office in December 2021. Jon was previously Head of Trading at EP UK Investments, optimising a portfolio containing 3 GW of gas fired generation and 400 MW renewable biomass. Before that he was Director of Commercial for Calon Energy. Prior to working in the Independent Power Producer sector, Jon spent over two decades with EON/Powergen holding a number of senior leadership roles across their UK and European trading and asset optimisation activities.
He has a degree in Economics from Sheffield University and a Masters degree from Exeter University.

Jon Doughty

Managing Director, UK

Greg joined Habitat Energy to launch our Australian and New Zealand office in January 2020. Greg was previously and Executive General Manager of ENGIE Australia overseeing strategy development, mergers and acquisitions, business development and trading activities. Prior to his work in Australia, he spent nearly six years in the United Kingdom as Energy Trading Manager of ENGIE portfolio. He has an MBA from Melbourne University.

Greg Billman

Managing Director, Australia

Mike has 20+ years of commercial experience in all ISOs across the US. His most recent experience as VP of Markets and Analytics at Vistra required the development of advanced commercial systems and processes to optimize Vistra's growing portfolio of physical and virtual storage assets. He holds an MS in electrical engineering from Georgia Tech and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at NWU.

Michael Kirschner

Managing Director, USA

Dave advises the Habitat team and clients on battery degradation management. He is an Associate Professor in Engineering Science at Oxford University, leading a battery research group with a focus on degradation modelling. He has an engineering degree from Cambridge and PhD from Imperial College.

Dr Dave Howey

Battery Technology Advisor

Ralph leads Habitat's Business Development activities, introducing our clients to the services Habitat can offer and supporting the contracting process. Prior to joining Habitat, Ralph was Senior PPA Business Development Manager at Reactive Technologies. Ralph also has 12 years of experience at EDF Energy in a variety of roles covering origination, pricing, risk management and financial reporting. Ralph has an MSci in Astrophysics from University College London.

Ralph Johnson

Head of Business Development, UK

Grace leads Habitat's finance function. She began her career in infrastructure & utilities M&A before leaving to work for a smaller company in the renewable energy industry. Grace was previously Finance Director at Green Hedge Energy, a battery storage developer. She has a first in Geography from the University of Oxford (MA).

Grace Toms

Finance Director

Keano oversees our data science, software and technical teams. He has more than 10 years' leadership experience in the tech industry leading multidisciplinary teams, designing and building complex technical architectures. Keano was most recently Software Director at Pod Point (Electric Vehicle Chargers) prior to its acquisition by EDF.

Keano Lane

Technical Director

Lois is responsible for helping the Habitat team to thrive, overseeing our team, culture and business operations. Lois started her career in management consulting, before moving back to Oxford to work with start-ups in energy and fintech. She has a BA from Warwick University.

Lois Stamps

Director of People and Business Operations

Eleonora oversees our trading operations. She brings deep knowledge of the UK day-ahead and intraday markets, as well as the balancing mechanism, gained from 3 years as a power trader in Neas Energy. Eleonora studied engineering at the University of Padova, Italy, and has a masters from Aalborg University, Denmark.

Eleonora Pilla

Operations Director

Chris is an asset optimiser in the Habitat Energy team, while also supporting origination and business development activities in the UK. Prior to Habitat Chris was a UK power trader at Centrica covering asset optimisation, intraday and balancing mechanism strategy as well as proprietary trading. He has degrees from Imperial College and Oxford Brookes, as well as an MSc in Energy Management from University of Strathclyde Business School.

Chris McLeod

Head of Trading

Josie works on asset optimisation and trading as well as assisting on new business development. Josie has a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Politics from the University of Sheffield.

Josie Massara

UK Product Manager and Head of Onboarding

Duncan is the lead data scientist for Habitat Energy, developing machine learning algorithms for battery dispatch and optimization in both the UK and Australia. Previously, Duncan worked as post-doctoral researcher, and holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Oxford.

Dr Duncan Fraser

Head of Data Science

Jonny is a machine learning expert, helping to build our forecasting and optimisation tools for the Australian version of our PowerIQ platform. He has a PhD and MEng degree from Oxford University.

Dr Jonny Downing

Data Scientist

Thomas is a data scientist at Habitat Energy, developing optimisation and forecasting algorithms for our PowerIQ trading platform. Before joining Habitat, Thomas worked within the Carnot network on research partnerships. He has a PhD in Applied Mathematics from University College London.

Dr Thomas Boiveau

Data Scientist

Neil has been a developer for 10 years, most recently as the lead developer at the Institute for Environmental Analytics. Neil has an Mphys in Physics from Warwick and PhD from the Open University.

Dr Neil Parley

Head of UK Software Engineering

Philip is a software engineer with 12 years experience across a range of industries including retail, pharmaceuticals and energy. He has a degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence from the university of Birmingham.

Philip Couling

Senior Software Engineer

Chloe is a Frontend software developer for Habitat Energy, building out the customer and trader interfaces with our PowerIQ algorithmic trading platform. She has BSc in Anthropology from UCL.

Chloe Ho

Full Stack Developer

Liza is Head of Product for Habitat Energy, responsible for on-boarding battery assets to our platform, developing new products and managing the Energy Superhub Oxford project. Before Habitat, Liza worked as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company, and as the Head of Vietnam / the Philippines for Alter Global, a venture capital firm. Liza has a Bachelor's Degree in History from Yale University.

Liza Lebedev

Head of Product

Wilson is a Business Analyst for Habitat Energy, supporting business development and our client advisory services. Prior to joining Habitat, Wilson worked in the US in congressional politics and for Modern Energy, a clean energy holding company. He has an MSc in Environmental Change and Management from the University of Oxford and a BA in Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Wilson Sink

Business Development Lead

Bee Cheng is responsible for financial and bookkeeping processes at Habitat Energy. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Accounting and Finance and a Postgraduate in Tourism: Environment and Development both from Oxford Brookes University.

Bee-Cheng Khoo

Accounts Manager

Rowan is part of the Habitat team in Melbourne, Australia in the role of Energy Trader. Rowan is responsible for monitoring and optimising physical and financial trading positions for our Australian clients.

Rowan Gaze

Energy Trader, Australia

As a Data Scientist at Habitat, Michael is responsible for helping to develop our forecasting and optimisation tools for the UK and Australian versions of our PowerIQ platform. Michael has a DPhil in Statistics from the University of Oxford.

Michael Golden

Data Scientist

Tim completed his MSC with King’s College London in Artificial Intelligence, before joining Habitat as ML Engineer. Tim is responsible for managing the deployment of our models in live environments and developing our data architecture.

Tim Heller

ML Engineer

Joshua Arnott

FullStack Engineer

Henry Williams

Senior FullStack Engineer

Leo Yorke

FullStack Engineer

Vishnu Vemura

Data Scientist

Maxime Follet

Data Scientist

Jamie Ward

Junior Trader

Hermione Flack

Junior Trader

Joanna Clarke

HR & Operations Manager

Michael Sanzo

Senior Power Trader

Adam Krivisky

Senior Power Trader

Daniyal Chanawala

Junior Trader

Callum Walsh

Junior Trader

Trevor Kirby

Power Trader

Baljit Gratton

Onboarding Manager

Matt Bird

Power Trader

Hugh McKenzie

Business Development Manager

Robin Henry

Data Scientist

Tamon Tananilgul

Product Operations Manager

Wenbo Ge

Data Scientist

Brandon Foggo

Machine Learning Engineer

Stephen Bliley

US Product Manager

Stuart McFarlane

Head of Market Analysis

Lucy Harris

Data Scientist

Guy Lomax

Power Trader

Jack Binns

Business Analyst

Michael Peake

Senior Software Engineer

Luke Eitneier

Head of US Software Development

Nicole Johnstone

Marketing Manager

Max Horwood

Full Stack Engineer

Dominic Bifulco

Asset Operations and Reporting Analyst

Ruairi Kester

Commercial Analyst

Edas Smith

DevOps Engineer

Greg Jeffrey

Data Scientist

Bryn Garrod

Data Scientist

Ariana Verme

Commercial Analyst

Jon Charter

Full Stack Software Developer

Dr Aditi Shenvi

Data Scientist

Will Mischlewski

Software Engineer

Danny Barthaud

Senior Software Engineer

James Carley

Junior Power Trader

Paulina Wesolowska

Accounts Manager

Rebecca Miller

Power Trader

Prashant Aradhyula

Senior Dev Ops Engineer

Morgan Pare

Data Scientist

Mana Jalali

Data Scientist

Alex Holbourne

Senior Risk Analyst

Jonathan Priestley

UK Settlements Manager

Juan Motsi

IT Technician