Mike Ryan joins Habitat Energy as UK Commercial Director

Mike Ryan, formerly Anesco’s Director of Asset Management has joined the Habitat Energy team as UK Commercial Director.

He will be responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the trading and asset optimisation team, asset onboarding and commercial operations as well as supporting broader business development opportunities.

“Mike brings deep experience and capability to the Habitat Energy team, from his roles both at Anesco and National Grid” says co-founder Phil Robinson. “We see his appointment as a critical step in scaling our commercial operations as our operational portfolio shortly hits 200MWh and our reputation in the market for delivering investable revenue from merchant storage continues to grow”.

Mike Ryan comments “I’m thrilled to be joining the team at Habitat at an exciting point in the company’s trajectory. Habitat’s unique mix of talent and technology have earned them a justifiably high reputation in the industry and having successfully gone live with a number of assets they are proving that they can deliver for their customers. I am looking forward to helping the business grow by ensuring we continue to deliver the returns our customers expect, whilst maintaining exceptional customer service.

Now is an incredibly exciting time for the industry. We are on the cusp of a new wave of renewable investment in this country, and with that significant investment in storage. What is noticeable about this new wave of storage investment is that people are no longer looking for a ‘one-trick asset’. A credible business case cannot be built around a single service such as frequency response. Instead these assets need to be able to deliver in any one of a number of markets and services, and asset owners need route-to-market partners who have a deep understanding of both those markets and services, and the storage technology itself.”

Mike will be full time with Habitat Energy based in Oxford from 20 April 2020 bringing the UK head count to 18, with a growing team also now in Australia.