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Battery, renewable and co-located asset optimisation services

All NEM markets covered

FCAS and spot markets

Intelligence (software) and execution/route to market included

We can also advise on revenue potential, optimal design

Habitat Energy Australia

Habitat Energy Australia was launched 1 January 2020, bringing Habitat Energy UK’s market-leading algorithmic battery dispatch platform and deep experience of battery performance and management to the National Electricity Market (NEM).

Based in Melbourne, our team is led by former ENGIE executive Greg Billman and Habitat Energy co-founder Ben Irons who bring decades of experience in the power sector. Greg and Ben are supported by a team of data scientists, traders and software engineers located both in the UK and Australia.

Our battery storage optimisation platform PowerIQ

Habitat Energy Australia offer full service asset optimisation including:

  • In house electricity price forecasting of energy and all FCAS markets based on proprietary machine-learning algorithms that reliably outperform AEMO pre-dispatch forecasts.
  • Dispatch optimisation that takes the battery warranty and cell degradation and other operational constraints into account, and manages the uncertainty inherent in the market with a stochastically optimised approach that delivers maximum revenues year on year.
  • Continuous automation of compliant bidding and rebidding to AEMO based on a ever changing asset and market conditions.
  • Full trading desk operations provided by Habitat Energy as part of our standard optimisation services agreement. The asset owner does not need their own trading desk or third party services – all of this can be provided by Habitat Energy.
  • 24/7 trading team oversight, helping to manage complex market conditions that may not be visible to the algorithms such as unplanned outages or exceptional events.
  • Physical dispatch instructions communicated to the battery storage asset, with temperature and other performance data fed back to PowerIQ to allow degradation to be minimised and uptime maintained.
  • Successful integration with a wide range of battery storage OEMs and system integrators.

Our full service offering is different to a software-only approach offered elsewhere in the Australian market. Our fees are able to be structured as a revenue share, meaning we are fully incentivised to maximise the revenue from your asset, continuing to innovate and enhance our capability and service offering knowing we do well only when your asset does well – an approach strongly favoured in the UK market. Our 24/7 trading team oversight services are shared amongst our clients and therefore we are also able to deliver economies of scale through a reduction of operational costs.

Co-located solar plus storage optimisation

Our trading platform PowerIQ can also manage solar co-located with storage (as well as other renewable assets). We can show how the addition of storage materially improves the physical and financial performance of solar and reducing the long term risk associated with price cannibalisation and grid stability as more renewable assets enter the market.

Our service includes:

  • All the benefits of our battery-only solution, but with the variable output of solar taken into account and grid connection capacity efficiently managed.
  • Leveraging electricity price forecasting of negative price outturns to dispatch down the asset and avoid large negative revenues.
  • Optimisation of market bidding to minimise an assets allocation of ancillary services cost.
  • DC coupled or AC coupled configurations, with storage built alongside solar or retrofitted.
  • A portfolio cognisant optimisation strategy incorporating both the solar and battery storage revenues as one, increasing the value relative to individual asset optimisation.

Advisory services

For projects not yet operational we are able to draw on our extensive experience of operating solar and battery projects to provide advice on a number of topics useful at the development stages:

  • Revenue simulations specific to your project, with location, battery type, warranty and risk profile all taken into account, and underpinned by the same algorithms that trade physical assets. We can give highly granular insight into how revenue is generated down to 5 minute dispatch resolution and broken down into spot and FCAS.
  • Investment case models including all relevant assumptions – capex, opex, revenue etc.
  • Support in securing funding for your project. Our team has extensive experience dealing with institutional funds and other investors into storage and solar plus storage, having supported many sizeable transactions in the UK and Australia. We understand what investors are looking for and can help bring credibility to your project and revenue projections.
  • Support in securing and EPC partner. We have close relationships with many of the biggest and most experienced EPCs, so can help with introductions, asset selection and warranty design.