Habitat Energy values blog – “Live well”

Habitat Energy has 6 values that shape the way we operate as a company and what’s important to us as a team. Over coming weeks Habitat team members will be sharing what these values mean to them.

Habitat Energy value #6: Live well. First things should come first. We desire a culture and environment that promotes happiness and well-being. This requires being open and honest about our own mental, physical and emotional needs and sensitive to the needs of others. We aim to instill a spirit of fun and adventure into what we do.

Eleonora Pilla, portfolio optimiser at Habitat says: “We currently have a lot on our plate, but nobody in the team misses the opportunity of some fresh air and a good laugh at lunch break. We value our work life balance and we believe that a happy and united team can deliver the best results. Also, we care for our environment hence the plastic lunch boxes that you see are washed and reused lunch after lunch!”

Eleonora Pilla