We help you to get the most out of your investment in battery storage by using a unique blend of artificial intelligence supported by expert human management. Mostly, we deal with grid-scale assets – that’s about 10MW or above – to apply our advanced optimization services in the wholesale and ancillary markets.

The results speak for themselves. Market-leading revenue, combined with our ability to extend the life of your battery by up to 25% means you’ll earn more for longer before having to replace the asset.


Artificial intelligence predicts market prices and determines optimal trades

We manage the trades automatically

Human oversight by experienced traders

Extended battery life through advanced management

Consistently higher revenue

Transparency in operations and reporting

£157k MW/Yr

from our top battery (2021)

145 MW

dynamic containment

7 markets

accessed in the UK

103k MWh

dispatched to July 2021



Whether you have a single battery or a fleet distributed over numerous locations, we can help you to optimize the return on your investment by providing a route to market through our own energy accounts. The revenue simply gets passed onto you minus our fee. In other words, we get paid because you get paid. We can also provide a software-only service in some markets.



If your batteries are connected to renewable energy assets such as solar energy we’ll help you to maximize revenue by selling or storing energy when the market is most favorable to you. Our AI-based systems – overseen by experienced energy traders – forecast the best times for you to go to market. This means that your revenue is maximized while risk is minimized.

Managing Renewables


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