Delivering the full
potential of energy storage

Habitat Energy provide a state-of-the-art optimisation and trading platform for grid-scale battery storage, with full route-to-market capability for wholesale and balancing markets in the UK.

About Us

Habitat Energy was founded with the belief that making merchant battery storage investable at scale is a vital step towards delivering a low carbon future and the preservation of our habitat for generations to come.

Our PowerIQ platform provides market access and optimisation for flexible assets. It combines advanced machine-learning and algorithmic approaches to forecasting and dispatch decisions, supplemented with an experienced in-house trading team. In addition, our dynamic approach to degradation cost management can extend the life of your battery asset, optimising lifetime project returns, not just short-term revenue.

Habitat Energy has rapidly emerged as a market-leader, forming close partnerships with the biggest developers and investors, supporting the design and financing of new-build projects through our understanding of the revenue model and broader market dynamics, backed up by the ability to deliver revenues once assets are built. Contact us if you’d like to discuss how Habitat Energy could help you.

What we offer

Trading and optimization in wholesale markets and balancing mechanism

Route to market, including reporting and settlement

Battery degradation management to extend asset life

Site selection and project design support

Battery selection and warranty design

Marketing and fund-raising support

Advice on trading strategy and revenue potential

Support building investment case

Deal structuring, risk management

Contact Us

If you’d like to hear more about how Habitat Energy could help you, please get in touch with us at, or you can reach any of the team members above at

Habitat Energy
Oxford Centre for Innovation,
New Road,
+44 (0)1865 261 470

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